Antibacterial sheets with copper ingredients on the elevator buttons became popular because they said they helped prevent viruses, right? There is. Through these things, if the antibacterial copper component can be seen as a mental preventative measure, it would be good to try.

The SABONA bracelet product that I will introduce today is one such example ...
I came to know that copper helps among corona virus prevention products, so I came across this product while looking for copper products. It helps to wear a fashion bracelet and prevent static electricity, so you can wear it in your daily life without any burden.

So, let's see how copper helps to prevent static electricity and viruses in our daily life?
Copper has strong sterilization and antibacterial properties and is toxic to the human body. It is said to be known as a metal without teeth. Among them, 99.9% eradication or inhibition of proliferation of all existing bacteria on the planet, including new bacteria, has been proven, and the effect occurs immediately within minutes to tens of minutes after contact, so you can receive easy protection from harmful bacteria in your life.

Besides, it is said to be useful as a fashion bracelet in everyday life and to prevent static electricity at the same time.
The copper SABONA bracelet with high electrical conductivity removes electrons from the sieve before static electricity occurs. By letting it escape through the bracelet at all times, it has a significant static effect. It's stylish as an accessory and it's good for anti-static, so you can wear it casually...!!

Isn't it such a versatile feature that one bracelet provides a reliable preventative measure and a sense of safety?^^

Source: Yuju & Sunny & Viper's fun trip, camping story


  • Teknik Komputer said:

    I focused wrongly on the hand sanitizer, it’s a really cute cover

    March 25, 2023

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