I haven't been away from the computer all day, so my wrists and hands hurt
It's getting colder and I feel like I'm getting a little chilly
Handpads I tried using

I chose the S/M size. If you have a normal wrist circumference, I think S/M will fit you.

The SABONA logo is beautifully printed.

5% copper is knitted into the fiber with antibacterial copper fiber.
It can be protected from the cold, and it is very useful because it protects joint muscles during sports training. I think.

It's nice that the hand guard isn't thick, so it doesn't feel stuffy~
I bought it several times because I needed a hand/wrist protector, but it's thick and stuffy
How many I've worn it once and it's hard to get my hands on it, but it's very mana.
I liked the lightweight and comfortable SABONA product that can be worn in summer as well.
Hand washable. It is possible to use it hygienically.

Maybe it's because of a problem with the ulnar nerve
When the blade gets cold, the little finger area and the hand blade area get cold
Protect with SABONA antibacterial hand protector I think I can get it.
I wear it every day~

Source: Kakao Sun Salon Blog


  • Teknik Informatika said:

    is it designed like gauze?

    March 25, 2023

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