I've been wanting to wear pretty bangles these days
I looked for it and fell in love with it
With a long history in England
I found a functional luxury style bracelet.

And I wore it, what is it?
The design and color are absolutely fashion items.

It looks like a rose gold bangle
If you don't say it's functional
I don't think it's functional.

Honestly, if I receive a health bracelet recommendation
I thought the design would be the germanium style of mothers and fathers

I had some concerns,

As a fashion item for 20's and 30's
It's perfect!

I chose Classic Copper as my personal preference

I liked it even if I layered it with a rose gold bracelet

It was getting cold, so I wore a black neck pole.
I tried fitting it over it.
I really like it even wearing it like this.
I'm so proud that I made a good choice.

Source: Jobol's beauty blog

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