Best Copper Magnet Bracelet Brand for 61 Years

SABONA has created an extensive selection of copper bracelets, so we can offer you stand-out styles as well as superb quality. Make your choice from our collections, which encompass pure copper bracelets; silver-plated copper bracelets; gold-plated copper bracelets; and colorful ceramic bracelets - enabling you to choose a wardrobe of designs to suit your style.

Claudia v.

SABONA is the leading brand in copper bracelets and so as you would expect it is excellent quality, beautifully made and looks nice as well as being good for you. I come from a long line of SABONA wearers who all swear by them. It takes a few days to settle on to your wrist but now I wouldn't be without it.

Simon B

I have been using SABONA copper bracelets since the 1960s where I use to suffer from extremely irksome fibrocitis. It has only returned once when, unbeknownst to me, my bracelet was lost when I capsized a small sailing boat. My son suffered from the same painful condition. It has never reoccured for either of us. A FANTASTIC product.

Moira H.

Well it is the first time I have tried a copper bracelet and I guess only time will tell whether it works or not. The bracelet itself is really nice and of good quality and looks fine on the arm.

You Should Know

The Theory Behind Magnetic Therapy

Magnets have long been known for wellness in various cultures. Aids blood circulation by wearing magnets on the body.

Copper Bracelets

From accolades for collaborations with Cartier as well as renowned jewelers, to personal recommendations from many of the best athletes, SABONA offers its wearer the ultimate body conditioning experience and a range of designs.

Copper Lined Care Mask

Copper yarn / Antibacterial
Sewn repellency on the surface / Perfect waterproof on the surface
3D seamless design / Comfortable fit
Nose clip / Anti-fog
Logo 3M Reflect / Washable / Reusable possible