I don't think corona-related masks will work anymore
So I was looking for this and that, and I found it
Copper products for virus prevention There's been talk
Now, whatever it is, if it helps prevent viruses or antibacterial products < br>Somehow I feel safe
This is the SABONA antibacterial copper bracelet I'm wearing these days

The design is pretty
It's antibacterial

That's Copper
One of the original mineral components,
Overseas Europe In the United States, copper bracelets are associated with minerals and are often used as health bracelets.
You know organic bowl Bangjjayugi in Korea? That is the mineral copper bowl
The reason copper is used in tableware is because of its antibacterial power
With its unique stylish color and antibacterial power, copper is used as a material for bracelets. I can say it's attractive

strong antibacterial copper bracelet
as an anti-static and health bracelet
It is said to be completely famous in the UK
And until electromagnetic wave blocking

as well as
SABONA bracelets are antibacterial copper bracelets, with a variety of ingredients and designs, ranging from bangle designs to
silver bangle and gold bangle.
Copper is good for virus prevention
It is good as a fashion item because of its pretty design
For a gift

The color of copper
is different from silver or gold
It goes well with any outfit and any color and material
And because they say it prevents static electricity, etc.

Especially I in a dry office
When commuting to and from work
Because of static electricity
There were times when I was surprised when I opened and closed the door

This time,
With a pretty copper bracelet
I'm trying to prevent both static electricity and viruses

At home
At the office
With a copper bracelet

Source: Koduk in his 40s - Viewstar Release Blog


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    Why do some people have jewelry allergies?

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