In winter, there are always things that we meet.
Because static electricity is generated without notice, there are many times when I scream in surprise.
It hurts in severe cases~

Regency was the basic idea of ​​design pursued in Europe, such as England, France, and Italy in the early 19th century.
The design itself is simple but elegant and sophisticated.

SABONA antistatic bracelet is a bangle type, so you can insert it through the thin part of your wrist
Press it according to the size of your wrist, so a certain amount of leeway is not a problem.
Thanks to you, I don't have to worry too much about choosing a size.

I'm satisfied with the way it naturally turns forward and backward.
But, isn't it more surprising that the pretty SABONA bracelet is functional rather than a fashion item?? hehe
SABONA Anti-Static The bracelet is a copper bracelet.
Copper has a high electrical conductivity, so before static electricity is generated,
It plays a role in allowing electrons in the body to escape through the bracelet, so the effect of blocking static electricity is significant.
Actually, I am living my life without knowing what static electricity is anymore. :)

I chose the SABONA copper bracelet as an anti-static bracelet.
It turned out that the effect of the copper bracelet was not the only one.
Copper is known for its strong sterilization and antibacterial properties and is known as a metal that is harmless to the human body.
SABONA Bracelet has an antibacterial effect such as hand washing just by touching or touching it.
I want to recommend it to people living with children.

In addition, SABONA copper bracelet is said to have an electromagnetic wave blocking effect.
Even though it is a mobile phone that cannot be cut off, electromagnetic waves can be cut off thanks to the SABONA copper bracelet. :)
If you look at a health bracelet on the market, anyone can see it with a design that looks like a health bracelet
They say ‘I am a health bracelet’.
I have collected all the crudeness of the world, so I have to give up on the pretty.
But the SABONA copper bracelet is pretty and I like it because it is a multifunctional bracelet.

An antistatic effect that you can feel with your body!!
It's winter, so I often look for knitted clothes, but I can't feel the static electricity.
Didn't you have a hard life...
Why did you wear the SABONA copper bracelet just now...
A sudden regret But from now on, I will try not to take it off my wrist. haha

So, these days, I always wear the anti-static bracelet SABONA copper bracelet.
It's more frightening(?) because you never know when static electricity will occur at any moment
I can say that I am now invincible!
The beauty is an added bonus.

It's the end of the year when you think of people you're grateful for.
You must be thinking about a gift for Christmas or the year-end and New Years
I think the SABONA anti-static bracelet would make a sensible gift.

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