My wrists are sore these days
I am the only person who taps every day

Have you been shearing too hard
Or have you been on the computer too long


My precious wrist..

My wrist is in pain..
I've been working all night every day
I've been overworked
It's cool again started to spit.

SABONA Wristguards
Especially for more intensive effects Wristguards
It contains as much as 10% copper.

A must-have routine for going to work these days
Based on taping
SABONA wrist strap over it

When I'm only taping
My hands are always wet
The taping came off easily
SABONA wrist With a protector,
The taping doesn't come off
It even protects the wrist


Excessive exercise or
Computer work, etc.

With carpal tunnel syndrome
I would like to recommend it to people who feel fatigued
SABONA Wrist Guards
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