Hello. This is Alice.
I am an electric human. It's tickling..

Especially in the fall and winter, when they come in contact with me, electric sparks come out and you can't catch me. Hehehehehe
He is a child who drags static electricity all over his body. haha..

When I go out to play with Omoni, we go hand in hand, but in the fall and winter, the static electricity is so bad that I tell him to leave. I hate it..
Omoni said that he didn't know why Pikachu was born from a human mother..
I tried to solve the myth about Pikachu.

So I have a child who can reduce Pikachu's attack a bit. Wow new world..but it's pretty so I wear it every day.

It is attractive because it goes well with any outfit.

And the important Pikachu escape is... not perfect, but almost escaped. It certainly seems that the frequency of static electricity has decreased.
In the past, there was a lot of fuss when I was stylish in outerwear, but recently it has been there once or twice and it seems to have decreased a lot.
Especially when I opened the car door, it was very bad. I did it. It was a spark-spark schedule, but the frequency has definitely decreased even at the car door.
Can you escape from Pikachu this winter? heh heh i'm happy
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Source: Alice in Wonderland Blog

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