Windsor is said to have originated in Windsor Palace, England in the 18th century.
Elegant and feminine with a small circular band in the center.

I choose size S because I tend to have thin wrists.
At first I thought it would be too baggy, but it has elasticity, so if you bend it a little, it fits well.

It's a functional bracelet, but it just feels like a fashion bracelet.
The design is pretty, but I like the distinctive copper color.

I wore a dumble jacket with a knit pullover that day, but I still wore a combo of clothes that generate static electricity.
But, strangely, I never felt static that day!
and I want to do this on both wrists haha

Glitter under the sun.
I wore it because it was pretty, but it drained static electricity :)

It doesn't get caught in the sleeves, so I think it's good to wear it every day as a daily bracelet.
The static electricity season has just begun. I'm not afraid :D

Source: Channel Dotto Blog

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