Hello, this is Beastar Lemon Flavored Jellypo
Prickly stinging guests who come in dry season How many times have you already felt the static electricity this year? hehe
Today, I'd like to introduce a copper bangle bracelet from SABONA, a recommended birthday gift item that prevents static electricity and adds beauty to it.
A bracelet that is usually a little bold. I wanted to purchase this product, but I found it while looking for a good value for money product.
It also said that it has antibacterial properties It's not a good item these days~ ?

The exterior of the bracelet has round lines on both sides and a dot-shaped point in the center
The color is rose gold, so it maximizes femininity
I usually like lace-up clothes, but it suits them well

Sabona bangle bracelet is pretty on bare wrist, but even prettier when matched with lace clothes
Isn't it really feminine and pretty?
The bracelet has a beautiful shape. If it's just too flashy and there are a lot of parts, it's easy to get caught in lace clothes like me
It's nice to be able to wear this product beautifully without getting caught

The C6 I chose has the SABONA logo engraved on the side of the bracelet
It has an antique and classical feel, so it goes well with my favorite races like now
I think it will go well with any design, such as knitwear or T-shirts

It's so pretty because she coordinates it with her favorite lace blouse
Nowadays, my daughter and her mother say that my mom also lends me to me, so I want to buy a size S lol

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  • Teknik Elektro said:

    is that hard to make?

    March 25, 2023

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