SABONA Antibacterial Copper Fiber Knee Protector I've also tried it on
It's great and covers the knee, so it's perfect for those who need protection

I ordered this for my husband, so I can easily put on the SABONA antibacterial copper fiber knee protector before going riding.

SABONA knee protector is white, so it's neat and tight on the knee. I like it because it's not stuffy

You can do it comfortably while riding with a bicycle knee protector. My husband is not feeling well these days, but I have to wear it every day for his knee

The upper and lower bands are not tight, so it is comfortable to wear, but it does not come off easily.

I tend to stretch before riding, but even if I wear a knee protector and stretch, I can do it comfortably without any discomfort

I came out wearing white knee protectors
It goes well with bib shorts because it's neat, and it's thin so it's not uncomfortable to wear under clothes.

Rheumatoid arthritis, muscle and joint ligament damage due to excessive exercise, daily lethargy of joints or muscles, joint muscle protection, and cold protection It protects the knee with a knee protector that can be used comfortably, so you can do it safely while riding.

I'm riding with an antibacterial copper fiber knee protector~~

Because it is highly elastic, I was able to ride comfortably without any discomfort while riding, but it is said that it is good because it makes my knee less uncomfortable when I wear it

I heard that my right side hurts a little while riding, but fortunately, the pain is less, and the knee protector is okay, so I thought I bought it.

If you're not feeling well, exercise is difficult, but it protects your knee, so it's a good gift for those with knee discomfort, so I recommend a knee protector

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