Let's start with the most curious effect.
Will the static electricity be greatly reduced by wearing it on my arm?
My conclusion is the deterrent effect.
Of course, it can't be suppressed to 100%, but the number of times has decreased
I felt that the spark was slightly weakened.

How about something like this with a cold or cold feeling?
I used to wear rubber gloves at the office.
Compared to that I think these accessories are great.
It's still a bit scary to touch the door, but the frequency has decreased a lot
The surprises are gone.
It feels like it's decorated and not decorated hehe

When I first got it, the smell of iron was a little strong.
It is said to be antibacterial, but the scent alone makes it feel like iron poisoning.
I am allergic to metal. There was no reaction at all~
The smell of iron disappeared after about a week!

How about wearing a SABONA bracelet holding a doll hahaha
It also acts as an anti-static bracelet that stings in the winter
Isn't it a good accessory~< br>It doesn't feel very feminine, so it's perfect for everyday wear

Source: Sho’s little day

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