Hello. It's a dream star.

What's the scariest thing for your neighbors in winter?
I... static electricity.
It's too dry to change clothes. Ever since I was a kid, when I shake hands with friends and when I just brush with people, I'm so nimble!
I am amazed every time that happens. It's better, but sometimes it's bitter.

Actually, I liked simple things, so I thought there would be no wording, so I asked for it, but seeing the engravings like this look pretty, I thought bracelets with other shapes would be nice and pretty too.

Actually, I haven't tested it yet because it's not yet the season when static electricity is severe, but there are a lot of studies, so I prepared for it, believing it would be helpful.

Of course, I prepared it for winter, but it's cool to wear it on bare skin like this.

As a substitute for accessories, I expect to block electromagnetic waves in my natural life and to prevent static electricity in the coming winter.

Source: Komi World Blog

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