It has the advantage of being able to choose a color and wearing it daily without getting tired of being unique with the new platoon plating. I'm Limoncello LCL One Pick !
This is the color I chose. In a way, it is a color like pure gold, and it is also like a dark mustard color. However, I have dark skin tone, so purple or blue doesn't suit me well. So I picked this color and it goes well with dark skin and is luxurious.
The thought of receiving a gift like this is so pretty and luxurious, isn't it?
The older I get, the farther away from being glamorous.
I like ornaments with neat designs like this.
These days, I used to have a lot of pain in my wrists, but perhaps because of my mood, my wrist pain improved a lot after wearing the SABONA bracelet!
Though it is difficult to see with the naked eye, the splendid yet elegant color seems to shine even more with the nano-ceramic e-coating, a new material that boasts excellent durability. I've been wearing it for over a week and I'm very satisfied with the scratch resistance and no deformation.
Even though there are various colors, you can choose according to your age and taste.
For those who like unique colors, we recommend purple and green.
If I had fair skin, I would have chosen the green color.
I like green that much in summer hehe
And it's the SABONA bangle that's not even in the picture, but it's the real winner.
The real thing is so much more colorful and pretty.
I have sensitive skin as much as I have posted several times.
I had a metal allergy after giving birth and my immune system rapidly declined, so it's been a long time since I didn't wear earrings.. So I looked closely at the SABONA bracelet before wearing it. b> can be used on even weak skin, so even people with sensitive skin like me can use it with confidence.
Isn't it so luxurious and stylish in such a casual outfit?
SABONA ceramic bracelet using pure copper, an antibacterial copper material.
This is a stylish bracelet with a unique color and sense.
It goes well with feminine or casual clothes. Do you think it will be frankincense for some reason this summer? I think it would be a great gift for Mother's Day as well. It's also good for health, so it's a bracelet you can't miss anywhere.
I think it would be great to layer it with other colors.
There was no problem with continuous use, and it is recommended for those who like simple yet elegant and luxurious feel. I've seen some Hollywood stars wear SABONA bracelets. So I posted it confidently :)

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