[Current Magazine] Static electricity is the opposite of galvanic, meaning that it flows, and it refers to electricity that does not flow.

The basic composition of all materials is atoms, which consist of a nucleus of + charge and electrons of - charge. .

The normally maintained electrical equilibrium is shifted to one side as the charge of electrons moves due to friction with surrounding materials. This causes instantaneous mass movement, which is often called static electricity or electrostatic shock.

In the case of severe static electricity, which we often experience in our daily life, the instantaneous voltage can reach thousands to tens of thousands of volts (V), which is a huge number compared to household voltage (220V).

Automotive The strength of static electricity generated from coats, door handles, etc. in winter is quite high, ranging from several thousand to tens of thousands of volts (3,000 to 10,000V).

Since static electricity disappears in a very short time (about 1 billionth of a second), there is little chance of harming people, but caution is required for people with skin diseases or the elderly. At gas stations and gas stations, there are cases where a momentary spark can lead to a large fire, so experts say that it cannot be ignored.

It is felt differently depending on gender, physique, and moisture content of the skin, but the electrostatic shock encountered in daily life is not negligible.

Especially in the dry winter months like these days, static electricity often has a significant instantaneous voltage.

There is no way to completely eliminate static electricity, but there seems to be a way to alleviate it.

Once static electricity is good when it is dry, apply a moisturizer to maintain humidity, It is known that there is a way to let electricity flow by lightly touching the handle with a metal with high conductivity such as a coin to open the handle.

In self-service gas stations, you can cut off static electricity by touching the antistatic pad with your hand.<

Chemical clothes generate friction electricity well, so use a fabric softener when washing clothes, and if you usually put a metal with high electrical conductivity in contact with your skin, it helps to maintain electrical balance, so it can help prevent static electricity. .

Another thing, there is a copper bracelet that has been gaining popularity in recent years as an anti-static bracelet in winter.

Since copper is a metal with high electrical conductivity, a copper bracelet worn in direct contact with the skin prevents static electricity. has been known to help

In addition, copper's high antibacterial properties have been widely introduced to the public in the ongoing Corona situation.

Attached to elevator buttons in apartments or office buildings, antibacterial pads, antibacterial masks, etc. The fact that copper was used was also reported.

An expert said, "This seems to be related to our ancestors' preference for using organic vessels (copper, tin alloy) for sterilization purposes." It seems that it is becoming a more familiar metal in modern life."

The number of domestic companies producing antibacterial-related household products using copper ions is increasing one by one.

Among European countries, the UK, in particular, has long been known for its copper-related research and various product markets. There is also a brand with a history of 60 years with a single fashion product made of copper.

This company's signature product, Savona Antibacterial Copper Bangle Bracelet is a functional bracelet that goes beyond fashion. It is an anti-static bracelet in winter, and recently as a virus prevention bracelet, it is attracting attention from consumers.

Source: Sisa Magazine (http://www.sisamagazine.co.kr)

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