The number of people who catch a cold or complain about a sudden change in temperature is increasing these days, and the number of consumers showing interest in various products such as health bracelets, necklaces, and clothing is increasing.

However, it is not easy to find the product you want among the well-being and health-related products that are overflowing in the market. It's usually not hard work.

Accessories for people who have cold hands and feet or have abnormalities in the functions of the circulatory system, such as blood circulation, are popular, but there is a lot of information they don't know or they use a lot of difficult-to-access terms, which confuses consumers who cannot easily approach them. are suffering

But among these, there are products that have a history and are actually getting a lot of response. It is a magnet (magnet) bracelet that uses the magnetism of a magnet.

All magnets exhibit a certain level of magnetism, which is usually divided into an N pole and an S pole and exerts the power to attract each other. Magnetic force is always accompanied by electric force, which helps blood circulation by pulling in the fluid conductor components inside the human body, including blood.

In addition, it helps to relax the muscles with the same principle as the treatment methods used in sports medicine, such as electric current stimulation, so it can be effective in relieving muscle pain. In fact, when it comes to muscle pain relief, it is good to say that the effectiveness of magnets has already been proven, with some product groups being registered as medical devices with the Food and Drug Administration.

Then, is there a company that deals with reliable magnetic bracelets? Sabona London, which boasts a 60-year history this year, is a leader in this field. From high-ranking officials such as the British Imperial Family and Prime Minister Thatcher to famous overseas sports players and celebrities, it has had more than 11,000,000 customers so far.

Also, in spite of the reputation of the past, Savona Bracelet is introducing a bracelet with a new design every year by adding high-tech materials such as titanium and turquoise in pursuit of advanced materials and more diverse designs. The Savona side added that, as the Savona copper (copper) bracelet was wildly popular this winter, the magnetic (magnet) bracelet, which has been proven effective several times, will also be widely publicized.

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