British Savona, which aims for the 2021 S/S season, announced that it will introduce bangles of various bright colors made of a new material (New Nano Ceramic e-coating) plating 'nano-ceramic' this spring.

Savona's The traditional pure copper bangle has been a sensation since its first appearance in Europe in 1959. The amazing design hidden in its simplicity still preserves its original shape, and products finished with silver, gold, rose gold and white gold are loved. .

Savona's Basic Design Plain Copper is the simplest and most popular design among six products designed by David Morris. In the 70s, Cartier New York collaborated with Savona. It is also well known for its design.

This time, a new concept material for jewelry plating and fashion plating developed by the Italian LEGOR group has been applied to Savona Plain Copper. It has excellent durability, and the nano-ceramic e-coating color, which is a particle of a size that cannot be seen with the naked eye, is applied, and it is characterized by more vivid colors.

Silver, gold, rose gold, etc. is expected to create another sensation since SABONA London's Copper Bangle was first released 60 years ago with the meeting of a unique color and high jewelry that cannot be seen. It is an eco-friendly material that is non-nickel-free, allergy-free, and a cool bangle of various colors can be worn on the wrist without burden.

The base of the bracelet is pure copper (0.999), a well-known antibacterial copper material. Cu), and has a total of 5 colors: soft Pacific blue, bright classic blue and purple burgundy, illuminating yellow and emerald.

Source: Internal and External Economic TV (http://www.nbntv

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