S1 Silver Plated Plain Copper Bangle

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Why Copper?

01. Why wear a copper bracelet?
Is there any anti-static effect?

A shock in the current flow that occurs suddenly when the electrons accumulated in the body come into contact with the dielectric (charged object) in daily life is a common electrostatic phenomenon, and it occurs a lot in dry season in winter.
< br/>The SABONA bracelet made of 0.999 Cu (copper) material with high electrical conductivity shows a significant antistatic effect by allowing the electric charge in the body to escape through the bracelet at all times before static electricity occurs.
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Most of the actual wearers experience the antistatic effect, which can be confirmed through numerous customer reviews.

Why Copper?

02. What is the relationship between copper and antibacterial?

Copper (element symbol Cu.Copper) has strong sterilization and antibacterial properties, and is known as a metal with little toxicity to the human body. International organizations are actively conducting research to maximize its antibacterial effect. Surprising results of antibacterial properties are being reported.
In particular, copper-related products have been continuously developed to prevent corona virus in recent years.

99.9% of all existing bacteria on earth, including new bacteria has been proven to be effective in eradicating or inhibiting proliferation of In addition, it is helpful to frequently touch the exposed copper part (0.999Cu) on the inside of the bracelet.

Why Copper?

03. Does it help to block electromagnetic waves?

Electromagnetic waves (electromagnetic waves) are a type of light that includes invisible light, which is a type of wave that spreads through vibrations of electric and magnetic fields.

Copper When a metal with high electrical conductivity, such as a metal, exists in the path of this electromagnetic wave, the oscillating electric field is affected and an electric current flows inside the metal, which acts in a direction that interferes with the progress of the magnetic field and consequently blocks the electromagnetic wave. For example, when a copper bracelet is placed close to the hand using a mobile phone, the generated magnetic field wave is significantly reduced.

By wearing a high-purity copper material savo or bracelet, you can also see the effect of preventing or blocking the inflow of various electromagnetic waves generated in the modern living environment.