Professor Seo-Jun Shim of 'Simjjang Golf', the number 1 subscriber for golf creators, started YouTube 12 years ago with a video called 'Everywhere Golf Lesson'.

At the time, it was a video of a YouTuber nicknamed 'Shim-chan' wearing a sleeveless tee with a friend and practicing with a golf club at home. Golf is usually a sport that follows its own customs and is solemn, and golf lessons have usually been conducted in a calm atmosphere. Watching the giggled golf lesson with her friend, a few domestic YouTube viewers at the time responded.

Jang Sim, who may have been a golfer who started YouTube 'first' in 2009, has now established himself as a representative YouTube creator in the golf field. He has established himself as a popular YouTuber with over 280,000 subscribers with his sincere appearance focusing on the lesson itself rather than making money while still taking care of planning, filming, and editing alone.

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