Vogue is an American fashion monthly magazine founded on December 17, 1892. Originally a social weekly, it was changed to a monthly magazine in 1973, and is now being published in 26 countries including the United States. Vogue USA, France, Italy and UK, where Anna Wintour, the art director of Condé Nest, a magazine representing high fashion around the world, has been the editor-in-chief of Vogue USA since 1988 for over 30 years. This is the most influential and is called The Big Four, starting with Paris, Milan, New York, and London, where the four major fashion weeks are held. I would like to check the introduced SABONA in the Vogue archive.

The first article Savona introduced in Vogue magazine was in the September 1969 issue.

This article was introduced on page 5 of Beauty Gossip From All Over in Vogue USA in September 1969.
The great Sabona Bracelet mystery
What's in it for them-Lauren Bacall and the Windsor's and Coco Chanel and the thousends of other luminaries who wear the Sabona bracelet? Why, on sight of this gleaming part-circle of pure copper on each other's wrists, do complete strangers sidle up to each other, murmur conspiratorially? Could it be the badge of a secret international society? Certain clues given, page 138.

The Mystery of the Great Savona Bracelet
What do so many celebrities, including Lauren Burcall, Duchess of Windsor, Coco Chanel, wear SABONA bracelets for? Why is this round, pure copper bracelet so popular with people from all walks of life that it is worn on the wrist? Is it some kind of symbol of a secret international organization? On page 138 these clues are revealed.

Before entering the United States in earnest, famous European celebrities such as Coco Chanel and Lauren Burcall, Duchess of Windsor all wore savos or copper bracelets, so that the Americans at that time became a big gossip of Beauty Gossip. It is known that after this, it entered the American market in earnest, entered famous department stores located in New York, and collaborated with Cartier to release a design, which led to sensational popularity. I am in charge.

And in November of the same year, Savona was introduced again.

Tony Roche, 24, Austrailian pro.
Rest shot: backhand.
Overwhelming for, lots of spin.
Blue eyes, spiky Napoleon haircut. Left-handed.
"I swear this Sabona copper bracelet to keep from getting rheumatism in my old age."

Tony Roach, 24, Australian professional tennis player
Specialty: Backhand, a shot that gives off a lot of spin
Blue eyes, Napoleon hairstyle (upside down hairstyle), left-handed
"I don't want to get rheumatism when I get old, so I always wear a savona bracelet."

In the November 1969 issue of Vogue, four handsome, strong-playing amateur and professional tennis players, each with a history of winning a tennis world championship, each had their own appearance, lifestyle, and their blood, sweat, and Tears were introduced.

In an interview with Australian Tony Roach, winner of the 1966 French Open, who was famous for passing on Roger Federer's left hand skill, he said he always wears a savona bracelet.

 And in 1973 and 1970, Cartier Savona collaboration products were launched, and three years later, they were introduced again in Vogue.

Patmos, the Greek islands: "Olivier as Peter Pan. Me in my chain, my Cartier Sabona bracelet, and a piece of sari cloth tied over nothing-much less naked for lunch than a bikini ."

On the Greek island of Patmos: "Olivier is like Peter Pan. I eat lunch almost naked rather than in a bikini, with only a necklace, a Cartier savona bracelet and a sari."

This is a sentence from an interview with Jeanette Camus, a prominent Belgian socialite, on Vogue in 1973. It is said that she loves the island of Patmos so much that her paintings are still being sold on the Greek island of Patmos. And it is said that when she goes to that beautiful island, she wears a Savona Cartier bracelet.

And the last issue of November 1987.

Savona was discovered in the article Objects of Affection by American journalist and actor Joan Juliet Buck introducing romantic apartments and props in the 17th century Brigitta Faure style in Paris. You can. The bracelet on her left wrist is the Savona bracelet.

This is a record of SABONA found through the Vogue archive above.

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