Can I wear the SABONA bracelet in the shower or swimming?

All SABONA bracelets are suitable for exposure to water.
You can wear it comfortably in the swimming pool or sauna.

Does all the SABONA bracelets make a green mark on your wrist

The bangle-shaped copper bracelet leaves a green
mark on the wrist due to copper residue. This is harmless and is a sign that copper is being transported into the body. This natural reaction can be easily removed
with warm soapy water. However, the whole bangle is coated or plated.
Bangle and magnet bangle,
Magnetic chain type does not generate green marks.

How do I care for the bracelet?

Use a high-quality jewelry care cloth once every 1-2 weeks
polish the outside and wipe the inside to avoid clogging the pores and causing dust and dirt that can irritate the skin
Copper bangles with color change can be cleaned with tomato ketchup
to help maintain the color.
For the plated surface of the bracelet, avoid using abrasive
glosses that may damage the appearance. Please refrain from wiping it with a soft cloth.

Which is better, a copper bracelet or a plated bracelet?

Silver or gold plated bracelets and copper bracelets are both pure copper-based products, so there is no difference in effectiveness. Except for the fully coated or plated fashion bangles,
all copper bangles still have exposed copper on the inside.