Luxurious bangle bracelet
Introducing SABONA bracelet full coating Limoncello~

Founded in England and with a long history

Functional fashion bracelet brand SABONA London!

Among them, there is a simple and clean charm

Full coating Limoncello color

F-LCL nano ceramic limoncello fashion bangle

If you wear it with a T-shirt and casual style coordination

Luxurious yet casual look

I think I'll get a better mood with just one bracelet!

I have thin wrists, so I chose the size xs

This product is a bangle-shaped bracelet

If you apply a little force, it will fit the size of my wrist

I could control it

I wear a blouse, jeans and a SABONA bangle bracelet

I feel like a calm city girl

It seemed to show something different

Source: Daily Note Blog

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