Actor Man-seok Oh, who played the villain who caused goosebumps in the recently ended drama 'Youth in May', took a pictorial in the July issue of Arena Homme.

Actor Man-seok Oh has released the 'Arena' pictorial shooting site.

In this pictorial, Oh Man-seok showed off a colorful face where good and evil coexist, using shadows and reflective objects to produce black-and-white images as well as filtered images that leave afterimages, showing a charm full of force as much as his heavy acting. .

Sabona 325 Executive Elite Duet Magnet Bracelet was included for the pictorial shoot of actor Oh Man-seok, who is full of charm. . Actor Oh Man-seok's unique heavy force is really impressive.
Actor Oh Man-seok's pictorial is said to be very precious to fans. You can see the pictorial and interview of actor Oh Man-seok completed with a unique force in the July issue of "Arena Homme".

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