About Us

SABONA of London has been making high quality health products since 1959. With over 60 years of experience producing high quality copper bracelets, and over 12 million individual bracelets sold worldwide, SABONA is internationally recognised, and represented by many distributors throughout the world.



SABONA copper bracelets are an entirely safe, natural health product, designed to promote relief from general aches and pains, arthritis and rheumatism.

Over time, recommendation from one satisfied customer to another has been the key to SABONA's success. SABONA bracelets have been seen on the wrist of many of the most high profile names of the past sixty years - including HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, Roger Moore, Michael Caine, Seve Ballesteros, Ian Woosnam, Sir Gary Sobers, Ian Botham, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Justin Leonard and Lindsay Davenport.



Bracelets supplied by SABONA of London are made from the purest quality copper (99% pure), an important factor when choosing your bracelet, as many competitors’ bracelets include traces of nickel, which is not recommended in quality jewellery. In recent years, SABONA has also developed an exclusive range of high quality stainless steel bracelets which offer magnetic therapy to an ever-increasing market.



SABONA was founded in London by a French aristocrat, Vicomte Jacques d’Orthez, who came to recognise the health benefits of copper as results of his frequent trips to Africa, where copper has been worn for its decorative and medicinal properties for over a thousand years. Jacques d’Orthez developed a special formulation for super-high quality copper, and registered the SABONA trademark in 1960. His wife was the actress Moira Lister, and soon the most influential members of the international community were sporting a SABONA bracelet:

As American Vogue wrote in 1978: "In England, France, Italy and increasingly the US, the fad for the SABONA bracelet keeps rolling along: wearers firmly believe that the copper’s thermal qualities keep dampness from causing aches, pains and twinges… among the most celebrated wearers… Lauren Bacall, Coco Chanel, Pierre Cardin…the list is endless.”



Copper has been used for its medicinal qualities by almost every civilisation since it was first noted by the ancient Egyptians in the Smith Papyrus over 4000 years ago. And since the 1960s, modern medicine has further investigated the healing properties of this unique metal.

As with other metals – iron, magnesium, zinc – the body needs copper to function. But like these trace elements, copper cannot be produced by the body and therefore needs to be obtained from external sources.

At one time, the copper we required was obtained via the food we ate. But today, with intensive agricultural practices and subsequent processing removing much of the nutritional value from our food, this is no longer the case.

Now, as more information becomes available to consumers, alternative health and complementary remedies are an acknowledged additional path to self-care and wellness. Health publications include copper bracelets as a potential means to ease arthritic pain in those who obtain an insufficient amount of copper from their food.

 In the opinion of Professor John Sorenson, Professor of Chemistry who has researched copper for over 30 years, there is benefit to wearing a SABONA Copper Bracelet.


For more information on how a SABONA Copper Bracelet works, please see our FAQ page.