Same-day delivery information for Ping-Pong in Seoul


[Seoul area] Ping-Pong same-day delivery service

If you can receive the product ordered on the Friday morning before the weekend before the weekend,
If you've been busy and suddenly remembered your friend's birthday,

When you need fast delivery,
Receive the same-day delivery service with Ping Pong, a START-UP company, on the same day you order.

The wait will be shorter and the time will be longer.

If you order by 2pm, you will receive it on the same day.

* Service area: Seoul
* Order deadline: 2pm
* Delivery time: PM 6pm - 10pm
* Delivery method: Ping-Pong same-day delivery (motorcycle quick service)
* Available order amount: over KRW 100,000 based on payment

< br>1. Products that have been ordered by 2pm are carefully boxed.

2. Ping-Pong riders pick up the goods at 3pm.

3. Picked up items are moved to the Ping Pong Hub and sorted by delivery area.

4.Ping-Pong riders move by area and start delivery by motorcycle.

5. You can receive your order between 6pm and 10pm on the same day.

1. How do I track delivery?

Pingpong has not yet applied the delivery status inquiry function in the order history
You can track the delivery through Notification Talk or Naver.

When an item is collected, a notification message is sent to the recipient,
The delivery status is continuously updated through AlimTalk.
If you want to check the delivery status, search for 'ping-pong' on Naver and
You can check it by entering the invoice number registered in the purchase history.
Other orders after 2pm and general delivery outside of Seoul

Delivery method: Courier (CJ Korea Express)
Delivery Delivery time: It takes 1-3 business days.